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Useful web design, SEO and Hosting articles. Learn tips and techniques on how to make your website achieve a better Google Page Rank. Understand the pitfalls of how bad SEO methods, poor hosting can affect your online visibility. For web designs or SEO, contact GM Web Designs.

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Google Chrome

What is Google Chrome?

Released nine months ago, Google Chrome was designed for people who live on the web searching for information, emails, shopping etc and has already been used regularly by over 30 million internet users. Unfortunately the current operating systems which browsers run on is antiquated. Google Chrome hopes to change all that and make the operating system what it should be.

website design & seo tips

Web Design & SEO tips

Understand the importance of correct website design and how the design of a website can affect your Google ranking. Learn ethical On Page tips and techniques that web designers use in order to create websites that not only look appealing to the user, but are optimised to be search engine spider friendly to help ensure high a higher visibility in the Google search returns for your chosen Keyword Phrases.

The content of a website is crucial to SEO and should therefore be interesting and relevant to the reader. Keeping your readers happy will generate business

indexing websites in Google

How to get your website indexed by Google in 24 hours

Once your website has been designed and completed, your next step is to upload the site so it can be indexed by Google asap. Normally this process can take weeks, however there are ethical methods which can be employed in order to speed up the indexing process. Some methods can have even see your site indexed within in 24hrs.

what is search engine optimisation - seo

What is search engine optimisation? ( SEO )

The term SEO or search engine optimisation ( optimization ) describes work performed on a website by web designers in order to make them more appealing to search engine spiders / crawlers and therefore increasing the amount of visitors to your website. ie Traffic.

Google sitemaps

What are Google Sitemaps?

Google XML sitemaps were first introduced in June 2005 and were initially thought to be the hottest new method for website promotion. The Sitemap file is basically a small XML file that is incorporated into a website coding and is used to provide vital information to Google Bots when they scan your website.

content management systems

What are Content Management Systems?

Content management systems ( CMS ) refers to computer software system which is used to help design, create, arrange, collate and publish website contents and alterations. The CMS software makes it possible for the web designer to design powerful and modern looking websites faster and easier than the normal process.

cms websites

What are CMS websites?

Content Management Systems provide greater flexibility and allows the user to create, update text content, images, add new pages, easily incorporate flyers etc and then publish. Alterations are done live and can be performed 24/7.

Joomla websites

What is Joomla?

Joomla is an award winning content management system (CMS), which enables web designers and individuals to create websites as well as very powerful and sophisticated online applications. Joomla's multitude of features, including its ease of use, have made Joomla the most popular and versatile website design and management software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.

white hat, black hat seo

What is White Hat / Black Hat SEO?

Learn about the different types of SEO methods in which web designers use to optimise websites. Understand the difference between 'Good SEO techniques' known as - White Hat SEO and 'Bad' optimisation techniques otherwise known as Black Hat SEO and how they can have either a positive or negative impact on your websites online search engine visibility and Google page rank.

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