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web design, seo & hosting questions

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Scoresby website designer / developer providing customers throughout Melbourne, Victoria as well as interstate, with a wide range of web development solutions including: mobile friendly CMS WordPress, Joomla and Static Bootstrap, Html5 website designs, hosting, SEO / Google AdWords Campaigns, email marketing, on-line e-commerce shopping carts / stores at affordable prices.

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frequently asked questions

website design, seo & hosting questions

The website design itself is extremely important and needs to be done right and therefore should not be rushed. Take the extra time to sit down and work out exactly what pages your website will require along with their respective content and more important, how you envisage the overall website design will look and function. Don't forget to allow for growth, ie What other possible pages will site will require in the future!

Of course most web designers will assist you and guide you through what needs to be done, however by having something prepared and ideas in mind prior to seeing a website designer will save a lot of hassles and could even save you money.

Yes, not only do we design websites from scratch, but we can also redesign and maintain existing websites. However, depending on the original build quality and coding of your current website, it might be more cost effective to simply utilise the existing content and design a totally new website, which is more current and modern.

Yes, Our web portfolio is extensive and boasts a range of website designs spanning over many different industries including Engineering, Health & Fitness, Finance, Building, Marine and Automotive, Education, Furniture, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Music and Entertainment just to name a few.

No. Although it is nice to put a face to the name and meet the client in person, it isn't always necessary. Not being able to meet the client in no way poses a negative impact on the process and end result. It simply means that any discussions take place via phone or email. Whether the client is local or lives interstate, we make sure that you're kept well informed during and after the website design process has been completed.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the term given to describe the process which is applied to a website in order to increase the amount of web traffic ( visitors ) it receives from search engines. The main purpose of the SEO process is to fine tune your website to make it more attractive to the search engines for certain targeted keyword phrases than those of your other competitors.

The Search Engine Optimization process is not a once off fix, but instead an often complex and ongoing task involving both on-page and off-page techniques. Website optimisation is an integral part of website design and development process and should therefore not be overlooked.

Not only is it important to for a website to look appealing, it also needs to be ranked well by search engines. In order for this to be possible, your website needs to be optimised for the keywords your wish to target.

While a websites appearance and feel, can play a big role in the viewers decision to either stick around and look through your website or simply move on, you also need to be aware that Search Engine Spiders are blind and don't see images and flash, they only see text. With so many websites on the web and growing every day has meant that your number of competitors has also increased, thus making your chances of returning high in the results for your targeted keywords all that more difficult. The flow on effect is that your competitors are no doubt doing everything possible to make their website more appealing through SEO.

Unfortunately many people are so focussed on the appearance of the website and totally ignore the key elements which drives potential customers ( traffic ) to their site. The end result is the client ends up with a really nice looking website with minimal traffic because it cannot be found and rated by Search Engines. It is for this very reason that you should consider optimising your website to ensure you achieve optimal performance and a high Google page ranking.

Those who choose not to invest in search engine optimisation will usually see their website slide down the rankings.

Selecting the right domain name is probably one of the most neglected and underestimated aspects. In reality, many search engines take notice of how the domain name is structured and therefore it is a good idea to include a few choice keywords in your chosen domain name. For example if you had a jukebox company you may choose the domain name

Paying a web designer to design your website is only part of the process as you now need to make your site available to your audience both on-line and via email. For this to occur you need to arrange web hosting and email accounts. Unfortunately more often than not, people tend to continually overlook and underestimate the importance of having the right hosting and email account provider.

With so many companies offering website hosting services at such cheap prices, it only adds to the confusion and makes the task of choosing the right hosting company all that much harder. The trouble is many of them are simply resellers for overseas companies. Choosing to go through these resellers can create serious hassles and could very well compromise your website's on-line presence.

Possible issues include:

  • Downtime - Website off-line and cannot be viewed
  • Slow servers - Slow loading websites can turn customer away
  • Poor Security - Increases the chance of your website being hacked
  • Poor communication systems - Results in slower response times & delayed issue resolutions
  • Your Reseller has no control over the server and therefore cannot fix server or email issues
  • Your website may not be indexed correctly, hence not displayed in Search Engine Results

Don't take any chances. Do your homework and don't base your decision on price alone. Choosing to spend a bit more now could very well save you money in the future! In short, you only get what you are willing to pay for! If you are not sure and do not understand the jargon and what you need to look for, then ask for advice!

Unfortunately many people are under the impression that 'hosting' is 'hosting', which isn't exactly true. In fact, choosing the wrong web hosting company could very well have severe repercussions by affecting the success of your website's on-line presence as well as the relationship between you and your customers. If you consider the amount of time and money you have invested creating your website and planning your SEO campaign, the last thing you want to do is to select the wrong company to host your site. Doing so could cost you money and put your Google ranking in jeopardy.

Although there are a number of other issues associated with cheap hosting, probably the most important is the 'Downtime'. This term refers to the amount of time your website is unavailable and cannot be viewed on-line. Google Spiders / Crawlers constantly scour the web looking for new websites and data to index. If your site is continually off-line for extended periods of time due to poor web hosting, then this prevents the spiders from accessing your website and as a result Google could very well choose to remove your website from the main index. As a result your website may no longer appear in the search results.


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