The article below covers Google listing tips on how to get your website listed in Google within 24 hours.

Once your website has been designed and completed, your next step is to upload the site so it can be indexed by Google asap. Normally this process can take weeks or even months, however there are ethical methods which can be employed in order to speed up the indexing process. Some methods can have even see your site indexed within in 24hrs. You will need to consult a website designer or SEO company to discuss these options.

Before we go any further you need to understand what it means by getting your website indexed. This term is used to describe when your website shows up in the Google search engine. A simple way to test this is by typing your actual domain name into the Google search box. If your website is displayed in the results, then it means your site has been indexed. If it doesn't appear then it means your site hasn't been found by Google and as therefore cannot be ranked.

Link exchange to help your website ranking

Your aim is to find a website with a Page Rank of 5 or higher. Once found, click the link to view their website and look for their 'links page'. If they do have a links page, then you can either request a link exchange via their on-line link exchange form or via a convincing email. Please be aware that the higher the page rank the harder it will be to convince them to exchange links.

Achieving just one link exchange with a PR5 site, will see your website listed in Google within 4 days. This process can be reduced to 24hrs, if you can find just one PR6 website willing to exchange links.

If writing to different websites in too hard, then there are website out there such as, that can make the process easier.

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