Correctly designed website = better results + rankings

With the ever increasing number of businesses deciding to move onto the web, only proves to highlight the need to have a website that is not only well designed but is correctly optimised in order to achieve a high ranking in search engines like Google.

Long gone are the days of websites being created solely from flash animation and high-tech graphics. Nowadays Web Developers have come to realise that in order to ensure that a website performs and achieves a high search engine visibility, the site must be correctly designed to not only be aesthetically appealing to the viewer but is coded to be search engine spider friendly.

Website design vs Search Engine Spiders

Naturally with any on-line business the main priority is to design a really attractive looking website that is not only appealing to the viewer but will have a high visibility in the search engines for your targeted keywords, as well as outranking those websites of your other competitors. From the spider / crawlers prospective text is considered to be food, so the more text the better. Hence the ideal website is created purely from text.

Try to use the h1, h2, h3 etc and Strong tags on Keywords wherever possible as this will make them appear more important.

The task now is to find that even balance that will not only ensure your website is appealing to the user but is also attractive to search engine spiders. The good news is that web designers can achieve this goal by following certain fundamental rules.

Key areas to take into account when designing a website

  • Title Bar Keywords
  • Meta Description
  • Page Names
  • Website Content
  • Well constructed navigation menus
  • Alt / Title tags on images

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