What are CMS Websites?

CMS Websites or Content Management Systems are designed to enable the webmaster or website administrator to control, create, make changes to and publish ( upload ) the content of a website. Alterations may include such things as text, photos, images, prices, adding new pages, downloadable brochures, flyers or catalogues.

There are a number of popular CMS systems available, including Joomla. Although most of them are relatively simple to use and do not require the user to posses a detailed knowledge of website design programming, it would still be beneficial for the user to have some sort of html knowledge, otherwise they may end up corrupting the website.

Maintaining your website via a CMS gives the user full control over the content of your website and can help reduce the ongoing costs of having to pay the website developer to make the changes on your behalf. However it is important to note that a CMS website can be easily corrupted if the user makes a mistake. Examples of which can include unknowingly switching off key pages and menus, making them invisible and inaccessible to those viewing your website.

If you are confident that having a CMS Website will be beneficial to your business and wish to learn, then we can arrange to provide on site detailed training to the responsible staff person of your choice.

benefits & requirements of CMS websites

  • CMS Websites allows your website to be easily managed / updated
  • Add or Remove pages
  • Allows you to add pages, text, articles, images, navigation menus etc
  • Have a variety of plugins / components for galleries, sliders, Forums etc
  • They provide for better flexibility, allowing for greater capacity for growth
  • They can save you ongoing maintenance costs
  • Being open source ( Free ), means you need to be careful of the plugins you use s they can contain malicious code
  • CMS websites like WordPress, Joomla can be a a target for hackers
  • Do to the extra resources required to run they may cost more to host
  • Need to be hosted on a server that offers the correct software support ie Linux

Do I need to have a CMS Website?

It is important to understand that while a CMS website offers a range of powerful components & functionality, they will not suit everyone. Primarily, they are designed for users to make changes themselves. Factors that can determine if you really need a CMS website can include: size and complexity of your website, how many times you will actually be updating / making changes to your site and do you have the time and knowledge to makes alterations? ( CMS websites can also be a target for hackers, especially if not maintained properly! ). More often than not a CSS / Html coded website is all you require and with a bit of knowledge and a Html editor you will be able to perform any and all website changes required and will cost less than a CMS Website.

Please feel free to contact us regarding our Joomla & WordPress CMS website designs and solutions.

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